الأربعاء، 19 فبراير 2014


Life seems very normal to those who live their lives thinking that they know enough and they don’t need to learn more.

One day I was one of those people, I felt that the knowledge I have in the things that I do is enough, I felt that I don’t need to learn more. My job kept me financially stable and my hobby kept me spiritually satisfied. But that was back then.

Every challenge I faced, every defeat I had to accept made me recalculate my choices in life, and as for someone who studied accounting, I could easily find out that all the equations I made in life need to be reconsidered.

And Here I am, I left my job and everything that kept me attached back home for a while, and I came to New York Film Academy in Los Angeles to learn more about filmmaking, although I thought that I knew enough. The praises I got from people back home and the feedback from my colleagues made me think that I made it into the world of filmmaking. But I just realized that the knowledge I have is a stepping-stone for someone like me to profession in filmmaking.

The nights can be lonely and the days can be vague sometimes, but I can’t feel that when all I think of is learning, and all I care about is to reach that level of knowledge that I pursue. Learning is the light that shines in such nights and dreams are the eyes that make us walk through these days.

At sometimes, all you need to do as a dreamer, is to look up at the sky and draw your dreams, then look back and start planning for them, start building the stairs that are going to take you there.

Keep learning & Keep Dreaming.


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